The Academic Affairs Office provides support for faculty and manages course scheduling, state and national accreditation, academic catalog development, program and course development, and more.

The Academic Affairs office is located in Blake Hall, Room 136, on the Kalispell Campus. Contact us at (406) 756-3813.

Academic Affairs Staff:

Chris Clouse, Vice President of Academic and Student Affairs
Cynthia French, Administrative Assistant
Jessica Hopkins, Director
Emily Jense, Executive Assistant to the Vice President of Academic and Student Affairs
Sue Kelly, Faculty Relations Specialist
Sam Kujala, Coordinator
Melanie Settle, Administrative Specialist

Academic Affairs works closely with the following faculty leadership:

Faculty Senate

President: Heather Estrada
Vice-President: Julie Robertson

Division Chairs

Janice Alexander: Math and Science
Stephanie Paidas: Social Science
Conrad Rauscher: Humanities
Dawn Rauscher: Business and Technology
Chaz Taylor: Health Science

Department Chairs:

Ben Barckholtz: English
Joe Legate: Performing Arts
Effat Rady: Science
David Regan: Visual Arts
Laura VanDeKop: Math