The focus of the practical nursing curriculum is to provide education leading to basic knowledge of the biological, physical, behavioral, psychological, and sociological sciences and of nursing procedures. This program uses standardized procedures in the observation and care of the ill, injured, and infirm, in the maintenance of health, in action to safeguard life and health, and in the administration of medications and treatments. Upon completion of this program, students will:

  • Demonstrate a caring presence and relationship-centered interactions to support the dignity and well-being of the client, family, and members of the interprofessional health team;
  • Demonstrate nursing judgment and prioritization of care, incorporating evidence-based principles and the nursing process to contribute to the plan of care for a group of clients;
  • Ensure safe quality care, utilizing standards of care for nursing procedures, delegation of care to unlicensed personnel, and documentation of health outcomes;
  • Demonstrate therapeutic communication, reporting and documentation, and client education strategies;
  • Demonstrate awareness of culturally diverse client health practices and diversity in the workplace; and
  • Uphold the practical nursing scope of practice within the ethical, legal & regulatory frameworks of nursing, demonstrating personal, workplace, and professional nursing behaviors reflecting self-awareness, integrity, and lifelong growth and development.

Program Requirements

See the Academic Catalog.

Nursing Program Director:

Myrna Ridenour, MSN, RN, BC
BC 102-A
(406) 756-3997


For general information, contact:
Cathy Fabel, Nursing Program Assistant
BC 102
(406) 756-3385

Nursing Program Advisors:

Diane Bailey, MS, RN
BC 102-B
(406) 756-3626

Erika DeCree, MS, APRN
BC 102-D
(406) 756-3628