Put Sey (Good Enough)

putseyPut Sey (Good Enough)

by Victor A. Charlo, Montana Salish poet and playwright.

edited by Roger Dunsmore.

“I cut to the quick,” says Vic Charlo. “I try to conjure up the old sayings, those words I grew up with and that come out every now and again. . . . I mostly write about things that are Native because that’s what grounds me, things I understand.” Like so many other Native American writers, Vic Charlo also examines the persistence of Native traditions and the deep-seated necessity in the heart of Native people to honor and continue the old ways of the tribe.

He laments the consequences of his acculturation into the non-Native world. He’s earned a university degree, but he’s lost touch with his own native traditions. “Why did I learn to write? Why did I want to?” he asks. “Was it worth the loss of your world going away?” Similarly, in the poem “Cycles,” Charlo says, “What comes to mind when I think about the future is going home to old ways. Some think of the old ways as going back. I don’t.” Our lives, says Charlo, are not linear; they are cyclical.

Put Sey (Good Enough) is, thanks to Vic Charlo and his daughter April, the continuing thread in the story of Native American cultural survival.


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