Hope Against Hope

hopeHope Against Hope

By Lowell Jaeger
In War On WarJaeger explored the grief-ridden choices that made the Vietnam War the American tragedy it was. Here, in this new book, the war is even closer to home. These are simply the best poems written about divorce since W. D. Snodgrass’s Heart’s Needle. Here are the voices of the ex-wife, the father bereft of his children, and the children—all raised in common eloquence and tender fury.”
— Robert Dana

“At the emotional core of Hope Against Hope is the father’s seperation from his children. Lowell Jaeger’s new poems probe the complexities of divorce as they seek to understand the twin mysteries of connection and separation within the family. Jaeger’s characteristic gift is to retrieve odd moments which break open to reveal the horrors and delights of everyday life.”
— Lorrie Smith

“Clear, magnificently expressed, Lowell Jaeger’s poems are poignant in their honesty. A heartbreakingly beautiful collection.”
— Kathleen Spivack

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ISBN-10: 0874211441

ISBN-13: 978-0874211443

Paperback: 85 pages

Product Dimensions: 8.3 x 5.5 x 0.3 inches

Price: $10.95

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