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New Poets of the American West edited by Lowell Jaeger. This anthology is a panoramic (and revealing) view of the West through the eyes of more than 250 poets and 450 poems, including poems in English, Spanish, Navajo, Salish, Assiniboin, and Dakota languages.. More







All My Relations by J. D. Whitney An English approximation of the Lakota “mitakuye oyasin” – which reminds and teaches that all the creatures and energies on this great Earth have personhood, ‘everything is alive and sentient’, that “human beings and lower forms of life” is a self-serving distinction subscribed to by only some members of a single species, that we’re all related and we’re all in this together… More







And Freddie Was My Darling by CB Follett The sixth collection of poetry by Follet is a very compelling catalog of memories and reflections that remind us of the losses we endure and the loves we carry with us into our seperate lives…More








Put Sey (Good Enough) written by Victor A. Charlo Montana Salish poet and playwright. Roger Dunsmore is the editor on this project. The volume is “I cut to the quick,” says Vic Charlo. “I try to conjure up the old sayings, those words I grew up with and that come out every now and again” … More







Poems Across the Big Sky edited by Lowell Jaeger This anthology of more than 100 Montana poets gathers the voices of poets from all corners of the state, including cowboy poets, university poets, street poets and more than a dozen talented Native American poets. More…








 WeLowell Jaeger’s new book eclipses the paltry stature of the well-to-do by dealing out poem after poem honoring plucky strangers and indelible kin. These portraits deliver in deft and quirky detail what he calls the gymnastics of making do. More…








“In War On WarLowell Jaeger explored the grief-ridden choices that made the Vietnam War the American tragedy it was.  Here, in this new book, the war is even closer to home.  These are simply the best poems written about divorce since W. D. Snodgrass’s Heart’s Needle.More…







In Suddenly Out of a Long SleepLowell Jaeger’s poems explore a range of family issues from childhood to adulthood, at times tender, at times tough, but always with clarity and honesty. More…








 War on War by Lowell Jaeger has documented our time. . . . He has gone inside the feelings and thought that mark our part of the century.  He makes me realize how serious and focused—and engaged—poetry can be.”  — William Stafford More…








“I have been waiting a long time — perhaps even my whole lifetime — for this collection of poems. It is as if we have all been given the gift of time and perspective, allowed to view our world, our lives, our strengths and shortcomings through a primeval and potent lens. If we are to endure, persist and thrive again, we need these words. As lucid as a spring thunderstorm on the high plains, Red Elk’s candor, clarity and wisdom are imparted amongst and across generations. This collection is what we have all been waiting for.” — Mandy Smoker Broaddus More…








Nakoda Sky PeopleMany Voices Press proudly announces the publication of Nakoda Sky People, by Assiniboine/Nakoda elder, Minerva Allen. Nokada Sky People is a compilation of poems from several of Allen’s smaller collections, and also contains a lexicon of Nakoda words and phrases as well as pages of Native recipes and herbal medicines. More…





ISBN 978-098386035-8

How Quickly What’s Passing Goes Past brings to vibrant life a
post-World War II cultural landscape that underpins our national
identity. Here is the bedrock family unit that persevered despite
an incomprehensible Cold War backdrop: hard-working parents,
kids shooting marbles for keeps, mill closures, baths in birth order,
backseat battles, and paper routes. Lowell Jaeger brings great
compassion, humor, and grit to his characters, and to their midcentury
middle-American world—drawn so expertly we can almost
touch it, even as we recognize it as irretrievable.”
—Kathleen Flenniken, Washington State Poet Laureate, author of Plume

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