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Dan Voermans

Dan Voermans

(406) 756-3887

You’ll be amazed at the quality and flexibility of the programs at Flathead Valley Community College. Our top-notch faculty and strong curriculum will give you the educational foundation necessary to continue your studies at any four-year institution in the country. FVCC is fully accredited, making it easy for you to transfer the credits you earn to the institution you choose.


Associate of Arts or Associate of Science degrees can lead directly toward professional employment, but they can also be used as a transfer degree and entrance to four-year colleges and universities. You don’t pick a specific major while you’re pursuing either of these degrees. Instead, you complete core requirements and take the prerequisites that will prepare you for your major field once you transfer to a four-year institution.

Montana University System

Because we partner with the Montana University System, your Associate of Arts or Associate of Science degree will transfer seamlessly to any four-year state school in Montana. You’ll arrive at the school of your choice as a junior, meeting all of your general education requirements as long as you received at least a “C-” grade for your course work at FVCC.  Students wanting  to transfer to FVCC with at college credits should get all their transcripts sent to FVCC and follow the other admission steps.

Our Value

More than half of FVCC students receive some form of financial assistance, and some of our programs often cost significantly less than similar programs at four-year colleges and universities.

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Last modified: March 11, 2014