Future Students

Why Choose FVCC?

World class faculty.  Small classes. Fantastic student life.   Unparalleled natural surroundings.  FVCC is affordable excellence.  The numbers speak for themselves.

Outstanding Education


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  • 18:1 – FVCC’s student to faculty ratio which provides a more personal, tailored education experience.
  • 0 – Number of classes at FVCC taught by teaching assistants.  FVCC students are taught by outstanding and award-winning faculty.
  • 74% – Percent of A’s and B’s earned by FVCC transfer students during their first semester at a four-year Montana campus compared with 69% for the overall student population.

Engaging College Experience


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  • 27 – Number of students living out their college experience in FVCC’s new student housing.
  • 350 – Number of students on intramural sports teams at FVCC (including flag football, basketball, dodgeball, bowling, soccer, volleyball, and more).
  • 4 – Number of theatre productions produced by FVCC students in FVCC’s theatre this year.
  • 50% – Percent of FVCC students involved in at least one student organization, group, and/or activity on campus (including Art Club, Phi Theta Kappa National Honor Society, Service Learning, Student Government, Theatre, The Mercury Newspaper, and more)
  • 5,240 – Number of hours, last year alone, 265 FVCC students volunteered to improving the community and enhancing the lives of local citizens.

Affordable College Experience


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  • $8,223 or 48% – Average annual savings of taking a full credit load at FVCC versus a four-year in-state institution.*
  • 73% – Percent of degree seeking FVCC students who are receiving some type of financial assistance.
  • $11,891,296 – Amount awarded in financial assistance to 1,778 students last year.
  • 10% – Top percent of area high school graduates who are eligible to receive a full FVCC tuition waiver.
  • 6 – Number of FVCC credits local high school students can take for free through FVCC’s Running Start program.

Appealing Local Area


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  • 30 – Minutes to the entrance of Glacier National Park, offering some of the most scenic hiking and outdoor recreation in the world.
  • 124 – Number of marked ski trails on neighboring Whitefish Mountain Resort, and Blacktail Mountain, offering a combined 4,000 acres area of winter wonderland to explore.
  • 12 – Miles to Flathead Lake, the largest natural freshwater lake west of the Mississippi, with plenty of room to play in, on, and around the water.

Easily Transferable Credits


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  • 223 – Number of FVCC courses designed to easily apply as credit hours to four-year institutions in the Montana University System and around the nation.
  • 286 – Number of FVCC students who transferred to four-year institutions in Montana and around the nation last year seamlessly with the help of our professional transfer advisors.
  • 63 – Average number of credits FVCC students transferred with last year.


*Compares cost of in-district FVCC student living with family to cost of Montana four-year institution student living on campus.

What Kind of Student Are You?

New Student I have never attended college, and I would like to apply to a degree or certificate program at FVCC.

Transfer Student – I would like to apply to a degree or certificate program at FVCC and have previously attended college elsewhere.

Former Student – I attended FVCC in the past and would like to return to continue my education.

International Student – I am not a United States citizen or permanent resident, and I wish to attend FVCC with a student visa.

Non-degree Student (Credit) – I am not seeking a college degree or certificate, but I would like to enroll in classes at FVCC for college credits.

Continuing Education (Non-Credit) – I am seeking non-credit courses at FVCC for personal enrichment or career development.

Workforce Training – am seeking professional development opportunities for myself or my staff.

Veteran – I am a U.S. veteran looking for educational opportunities and special programs for veterans.

Adult Basic Education – I am seeking improve or refresh my reading, writing, math, language and study skills before entering college.

GED/HiSET– I am seeking to prepare for the High School Equivalency Test (HiSET) test.

Teacher – I am a teacher looking for recertification opportunities or continuing education units.

High School Student – I am attending high school, or I am home schooled, and I would like to enroll in classes at FVCC for college credits.

Study Abroad Student – I would like to travel and explore the world while earning college credits at FVCC.

Senior Citizen – I am looking for classes at FVCC designed for me and my interests.

English as a Second Language – My native language is not English, and I am seeking to build English skills.