How do I start utilizing Desire2Learn?

Decide how you would like to use D2L

FVCC offers three types of courses that utilize the learning management system D2L.  Both Fully Online and Hybrid courses are required to go through the approval process to be offered while Face to Face Enhanced courses do not need to go through an approval process.

    These courses meet exclusively online and have no classroom component.  They are given either a section 80, 81 or 85 in the course schedule.
    Hybrid courses offer a significant amount of their course content online and do meet on campus usually atleast once a week.  Classroom time is less than other face to face courses.  Section numbers for these courses are 90/91.
    Face to Face Enhanced courses are courses are regular courses offered at FVCC that utilize Desire2Learn for course managment.  Classroom time is not lessoned because of the use of D2L.

The next step depends on what you are going to use D2L for

Face2Face Enhanced:

Contact Us to get a course shell created and to schedule some training

Develop an Online or Blended Course:

FVCC full time and adjunct faculty who desire to develop a new course for online presentation or to convert an existing course for online presentation are required to obtain approval for development/conversion prior to beginning the development/conversion process. New courses must be approved by the Curriculum Committee before they can be developed for online presentation.

The approval process is designed to allow input from the affected academic division, the eLearning Committee and administrative departments.

  1. Fill out the  Online Course Conversion Request Form
  2. The completed request form will be forwarded to the appropriate Division Chair for review and comment.  The Division Chair will meet with the affected department chair, program coordinator or department instructor/s for input prior to completing the form.
  3. The Division Chair will forward the form to the chairperson of the eLearning Committee for review and comment.
  4. The eLearning Committee chairperson will forward the form to the Director of Extended Learning for review and comment.
  5. If the course is approved for development and conversion, the Director of Extended learning will notify the faculty member of the approval and make arrangements for the development/conversion to begin.  The Director of Extended Learning will notify the Vice President of Instruction and provide a copy of the form to that office.  The original copy will be maintained with the Director of Extended Learning.
  6. If the course is denied approval for development, the Director of Extended Learning will meet with the appropriate person to determine the cause for denial and to seek a resolution to the denial. Any appeals beyond this point will be directed to the Vice President of Instruction.

All faculty who will be teaching an online or hybrid course must take EDU291x Developing Online Courses and EDU291y Teaching Online Courses the semester before their online course will be offered.

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Last modified: March 21, 2013