On Campus Marketing Procedures


Where to check-out boards

Sign boards to direct campus guests will be available for check-out at the following three campus locations:

  • Arts and Technology Building – Continuing Education, Connee Greig;
  • Blake Hall – Mail Room; and
  • Learning Resource Center – Media Center.


Guidelines for placement and return of sign boards

  • All events utilizing Sign Boards must be approved by FVCC supervisors.
  • Sign Boards should be used for campus events only.
  • Sign Boards are prohibited from being placed on Hwy 93 for safety purposes.
  • Users need to return sign boards as soon as possible following the completion of their events.
  • Boards should be returned clean and with all messaging removed.


Format for Printing Messages

  • Black ink and White paper signs only
  • Use” Impact” font for your messaging.
  • If using 8.5 x 11 paper, use 200 as a font size.
  • If using 8.5 x 17 paper, you can increase size to your liking.
  • Try to keep messages to three or four words, (i.e. EVENT PARKING, CHEF’S TABLE, GLACIER LECTURES SERIES, STUDENT ELECTIONS TODAY)


  • All posters and flyers are required to be approved and posted by the FVCC Institutional Advancement Office.
  • Please drop off up to six copies of the poster/flyer you would like posted in the basket located at the front counter in the Institutional Advancement Office (Blake Hall room 105.)  The six copies will ensure your posters/flyers are posted in each building that contains a community bulletin board.  Excess copies of posters/flyers (beyond six copies) left in the Institutional Advancement Office for posting will be recycled.
  • Posters/flyers containing offensive language or imagery, or posters/flyers containing political agendas, messages or campaign materials will not be posted.
  • Leave your name and phone number on the back of one of the posters/flyers in case we have any questions or we are unable to post them due to the nature of the signage.  You may also use a piece of complimentary paper located next to the bulletin board poster/flyer basket.
  • Posters/flyers will be posted every Monday afternoon.  The posters/flyers must be received by noon on Monday to be posted that same week.
  • Information will generally be posted for two weeks or until the date of the event and then removed by the Institutional Advancement staff.  Once removed from the bulletin boards, the posters/flyers will be recycled.
  • Posting of announcements on building entry doors and windows is allowed for college usage only to inform the college community and general public of campus closures, important college announcements/activities and announcements from the President’s Office.  For safety precautions, all postings on entry doors or windows need to be positioned so that views are not blocked.  Announcements must be approved by the Institutional Advancement Office prior to posting.


Internal and external groups can request tables in Blake Hall or the Arts and Technology Building for the purpose of sharing information.


Internal departments, organizations and clubs

  • Complete the table request form and email to maintenance-request@fvcc.edu or put in the Physical Plant mailbox on campus at least two days in advance of requested setup.
  • All students must get signed approval from their organization or club advisor before turning in a request.


External Groups:

  • Requests should be directed to Steve Larson.
    Blake Hall room 127


Contact Director, Communications Tara Roth at troth@fvcc.edu or at 756-3912.

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Last modified: January 30, 2014