Eyler Adams Competes in the Springboard Chop

Eyler Adams Competes in the Springboard Chop

The FVCC Logging Sports team was started in 1972 by Hugh and Eyler Adams.  In professional logger sports circuits, Hugh was known for his sportsmanship.  Many stories reflect Hugh’s willingness to help others regardless of their standings.  In the furious pace of a professional meet, Hugh would have a competitor sit and catch his breath while Hugh prepared the competitor’s next event for him.  Hugh passed away in 1986 but still today when professionals of that era learn that we are from the Flathead Valley they start conversations about Hugh Adam’s intensity in competition and unselfishness in helping others.

The FVCC Logging Sports team carries forward the spirit of Hugh Adams’s sportsmanship.  When visiting other schools we help them set up their arena, loan equipment to opponents, freely give technique advice and are at the forefront in pitching in with the continual cleanup necessary at competitions.


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Last modified: March 20, 2013