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If you’re interested in mentoring an FVCC intern or would like further information, please print and read the Internship Provider Handbook (PDF).


Use FVCC’s online job& internship board – CONNECT – to post the position.


Download an Internship Opening Form (PDF), complete and e-mail to the Career Center at

Roles & Responsibilities

  • Verify the ability of the business to provide meaningful mentoring and opportunities for intern learning and skill practice.
    • Train and orient student to all health and safety practices and organizational policies and procedures applicable to the internship.
    • Assure that the students will be accepted and given assignments without regard to age, handicap, national origin, race, marital status, parental status, religion or sex.
    • Provide adequate working space, training, supplies and equipment for student training and learning.
  • Discuss internship process, learning components and legal issues including wage, compensation and worker’s compensation with the Career Development Coordinator.
  • In unpaid internships, verify that the internship will meet the Department of Labor Fair Standards Act criteria.
  • Complete an internship listing that includes overview of daily and project tasks, minimum skills and qualifications and application procedures.
    • Enter positions into the FVCC online job & internship board CONNECT.
  • Review resumes and interview prospective interns and inform candidates of hiring decisions.
  • Provide input to student in developing specific learning objectives, then provide assistance and training necessary to help student meet those learning objectives, along with training to learn industry specific skills.
  • Establish a regular meeting time and meet with the intern at least weekly to provide direction and feedback.
  • Participate in an on-site visit from the Internship Instructor and assess student learning by verifying hours and completing and returning a mid-term and final evaluation noting progress toward accomplishment of learning objectives.
  • Contact the FVCC Instructor or Career Development Coordinator if any questions or problems arise.

Legal Issues

In general, interns are deemed to be employees and that means they are protected by the same laws and regulation that protect other employees in the State of Montana.

For more information on compensation issues such as the work based learning exclusion, worker’s compensation, and other legal aspects affecting internships, please read the FVCC Internship Provider Handbook (PDF).  Or contact the Career Development Coordinator to set up a convenient time for a visit at your worksite.

For an overview on the criteria for paid vs. unpaid internships set by the Department of Labor Fair Standards Act, please review the paid vs. unpaid internships, please refer to the U. S. Department of Labor Wage and Hour Division, (April 2010), Fact Sheet #71: Internship Programs under the Fair Labor Standards Act, or ask the Career Development Coordinator to review these guidelines with you either in person or by phone.


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Last modified: August 6, 2014