Desire to Teach

The Continuing Education Center welcomes applications from individuals with a wide range of educational and life experiences. Applicants must demonstrate knowledge of subject matter and teaching competency. Continuing Education classes are self-supporting, non-credit programs.  Enrollment must be sufficient to cover the instructor’s salary and other class expenses.

Applications and new course proposals are accepted continually.  The College publishes three semester schedules each year.  Prior to developing the schedule, the Continuing Education Curriculum Committee meets to approve instructors and determine potential offerings for the upcoming term.

The application process is described below:

  1. Complete and sign the FVCC application form.  When listing professional references, please include individuals familiar with your teaching abilities if possible.
  2. Complete the course description form describing your class. Sample course proposals are available to assist you.  The format for Continuing Education classes may vary from a twelve-week class to a one-time workshop or course.
  3. You are encouraged to submit application materials even if it is several months before the schedule deadline.  We may get a request from a business or organization for a class or workshop in your area of expertise.

The Continuing Education Center follows nationally established standards for classes with potential commercial interest.  Class time may not be used to sell a product or service with which the teacher is associated.

Contact the Continuing Education Center at (406)-756-3832 or email, if you have any questions or need any assistance in completing the forms.  Thank you for your interest in teaching.

Printable Materials:

Prospective Instructor Information(PDF)
Continuing Education Instructor-Position Description(PDF)
Course Description Form(.doc)
Course Description Form-Sample(PDF)
FVCC Employment Application(PDF)

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Last modified: February 17, 2015