Student Consumer Information

Campus Safety Information

  • Warnings of forcible and non-forcible offenses will be sent via e2Campus alerts and posted on bulletin boards in a timely manner on campus.

Safety Committee Chair: (406) 756-3901
Dean of Students: (406) 756-3812
Lincoln County Campus: (406) 293-2721
Campus Safety


Drug and Alcohol Abuse Prevention

  • Drug and Alcohol Policy – FVCC Catalog, p. 33Counselor: (406) 756-3886
    Coordinator: Student
    Activities and Development: (406) 756-3981
    Lincoln County Campus: (406) 293-2721


Family Education Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA)

  • Student Rights and Responsibilities – FVCC catalog, p. 31Registrar: (406) 756-3846
    Lincoln County Campus: (406) 293-2721


Financial Aid Information


General Information


Graduation Completion Rate

  • Executive Director, Institutional Research,
    Assessment and Planning: (406) 756-3619


Refund Policy


Sexual Harassment Policy

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Last modified: September 16, 2015