Step 6: Register for Classes

You now have 3 ways to register for classes.

1)  Attend a New Student Orientation-Once your new admissions file is complete, you will be invited to attend a new student orientation.  Although not mandatory, attending will give you the tools necessary to be a successful college student.  You will meet with an advisor, work on a schedule that is best suited for you and register for classes.  The advantage to this is that you will register before the general registration takes place, so you will have first dibs on registering for classes before they fill;
2)  Online-Once you have met with your advisor and they have unblocked you, you can log in to the student portal and register there.  Enjoy the convenience and flexibility of registering for classes from anywhere at any time; or
3)  In the Registration Office-Bring your signed Registration/Schedule change form to the FVCC Registration Office Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. on the dates indicated in the academic calendar.

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Last modified: March 31, 2014