How to be Successful

What does it Take to be a Successful Extended Learning Student?

Success in your extended learning courses is determined like any other endeavor; it depends on the amount of effort you are willing to put forth.  Knowing what to expect also helps.  Most of the successful extended learning students:

  • Are willing to spend 5-10 hours per week on each course.
  • Are able to learn from written materials.
  • Have better than basic computer skills.
  • Are self-disciplined and can manage their time according to course needs.
  • Are willing to participate in weekly online discussion threads.
  • Have college level reading and writing skills.
  • Are able to learn from written materials, such as texts and web pages, and are willing to participate in and contribute to online discussion threads.

Student Responsibilities

Online coursework requires that students take on much of the responsibility for their learning.  Your course syllabus will explain course expectations.  Here are some basic student responsibilities:

  • Apply for admission to FVCC.
  • Register and pay for classes according to prescribed dates each semester.
  • Obtain texts through the FVCC online bookstore or at bookstore on the Kalispell campus.
  • Become familiar with the technologies used in online courses before classes start.
  • Access your online courses at
  • Stay current in online courses
  • Complete and submit required assignments on time.
  • Complete all reading assignments
  • Participate in discussion threads.
  • Take tests as instructed

Students can help determine their readiness for online learning by taking an online assessment.  This confidential free assessment will give you feedback and  help you predict your readiness to become an online learner.

To check your computer’s software for programs needed for online courses, click on this link for Online Software Diagnostics.


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Last modified: March 23, 2012