FVCC Online Bookstore

Textbooks for college courses are sold through the Flathead Valley Community College Bookstore. The Bookstore is located in Blake Hall/SCA 164. The Bookstore stocks textbooks (new and used), school supplies, study aids, computer supplies, postage stamps, snack items, college T-shirts and sweatshirts, greeting cards and gift items. The bookstore accepts VISA and Master Cards.

Online students can purchase texts through the FVCC Bookstore Web Site.  If you have trouble ordering books online, read the Bookstore Ordering Instructions (PDF).


Refund return policy on text books:

  1. Books must be returned during the first three weeks of class for a full refund.
  2. All refunds or exchanges require the cash register receipt and Student ID card.
  3. After the first three weeks of the term, textbook returns must be made within three days of purchase for a full refund.
  4. Textbooks purchased for late starting block classes have a three day return policy, three days from the beginning of class.
  5. New books must be in mint condition.
    • No marks or blemishes.
    • Clean pages.
    • No folded corners.
  6. The more wear and tear on a textbook, the less value it may have.

Book buy back policy:

  1. Book buy back periods are limited to the week of finals.
  2. The Bookstore pays 50% of the current price for most books which will be used in the coming term. Overstocked books or old editions do not qualify for the 50%.
  3. The best national wholesale price will be given for books which are not in use on our campus or are overstocked.
  4. Student ID’s required.
  5. Receipts are not needed for book buy back.
  6. The Bookstore cannot guarantee the buy back of any book at any time.

Textbook Reservations
Students have the option of filling out a textbook reservation form to reserve and pay for textbooks each semester. The form is available in the bookstore.  Texts can be reserved online at http://www.fvccbookstore.com.

Students will need complete schedule information with course numbers and instructor’s name. Students may choose to pick up books, or have them mailed to a home address. Payment may be made by cash, a check or credit card. Students receiving a Pell Grant or other type of scholarship, may stipulate that the Bookstore take the cost of books out of a grant or scholarship.

For more information, contact us at (406) 756-3814, toll free at 1-800-313-3822 ext 3814or email dshuman@fvcc.cc.mt.us.

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Last modified: November 11, 2011