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Spring Semester 2016

The FVCC Venice program will operate from the premises of the Istituto Venezia, just off Campo Santa Margherita, in the heart of the university district of Dorsoduro. 20 FVCC students will be accepted to this study abroad program and will spend the semester learning about the history, culture, art and theatre of Venice, while being immersed in learning the Italian language. Students will receive Istituto Venezia student cards which provide discounts at various select stores, restaurants, Internet cafes, theatres, etc. The Istituto also offers many free extracurricular student activities outside of class time, and FVCC students are invited to attend any/all of these.

For more questions about the Venice Study Abroad program, please contact:
John Rawlings
Professor Emeritus
(406)756-3896 or at

Gerda Reeb
Director of International Student Services
(406) 756-3889 or

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Last modified: May 29, 2015