Physics, as the science which addresses the formulation and verification of laws and relationships pertaining to our physical Universe, provides us with a broad and thorough understanding of the fundamental ideas and concepts relating to the physical world in which we live. Physics explains the physical phenomena which occur in mechanics, thermodynamics, electromagnetism, light, atomic and nuclear physics, quantum mechanics, and both special and general relativity. The fundamental language of physics is mathematics. Applications of physics are found throughout all of the natural sciences such as astronomy, biology, chemistry, geology, geophysics, meteorology, and oceanography, as well in such fields as engineering, medicine, computer science, education, business and industry, law, journalism, and philosophy.

Colleges and universities require that a student working toward a baccalaureate degree complete certain general education requirements in addition to courses required in the major area of study. With judicious planning, a student should be able to complete the general education requirements of the Montana University System and earn an Associate of Science (AS) degree at FVCC while completing one of the following suggested courses of study in FVCC’s physics transfer program.

The following FVCC suggested courses of study are recommended for students interested in pursuing a physics major with transfer to either Montana State University – Bozeman or The University of Montana – Missoula. Students interested in beginning their work at FVCC toward a degree or a major in physics should carefully consult the current catalog of the college or university to which they anticipate transferring in order to determine specific degree requirements.

Program Requirements

Suggested courses of study for transfer to:

Montana State University – Bozeman

The University of Montana – Missoula


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