Geology, now often called Geoscience, involves understanding the processes and events that have formed, and continues to form, our planet. Answering the questions of how mountains were raised, rivers and ocean basins formed, and the cause of continental drift all fall within this study. Rocks, minerals, and fossils are identified and analyzed in the context of earth’s evolutionary history. The contributions of water, atmosphere, and climate as erosive forces are examined as well as cataclysmic events like volcanoes and earthquakes. Professional geologists specialize in mineral and oil extraction, groundwater resources, geophysics, volcanoes and earthquakes, construction, and environmental impact studies.

Students at FVCC can take the majority of courses needed for the first two years of a bachelor degree, especially in the contributing areas of math, chemistry, and physics.

Program Requirements

Suggested course of study for a transfer to:
Montana State University – Bozeman

The University of Montana – Missoula


Dr. Anita Ho
RH 177
(406) 756-3873

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Last modified: June 1, 2015