Forensic Science

Forensic Science applies science to civil and criminal proceedings. A profession working in a crime lab and/or processing evidence at crime scenes is one aspect of forensic science. A Bachelor of Science degree in a science discipline is required to apply for work in a crime lab. In Montana, The University of Montana – Missoula offers a degree in Forensic Chemistry, with students having work study and internship options with the State of Montana Crime Laboratory in Missoula. The University of Great Falls offers degrees at their Great Falls location in Forensic Science, Forensic Biology, and Forensic Chemistry. They are also connected with internship opportunities for students. Eastern Washington University also offers a Forensic Chemistry degree with very strong connections to the State of Washington Crime Lab(s). Students who wish to work in either the toxicology or controlled substances or chemistry sections of a crime lab will need a Bachelor of Science degree in Chemistry or Forensic Chemistry. Students who wish to work in the serology or DNA section of a crime lab will need a Biology or Forensic Biology degree or Forensic Chemistry degree.

Program Requirements

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