Chemistry is a physical science that addresses the physical, mathematical, and biological aspects of the smallest known forms of matter. Understanding the fundamentals of chemistry is imperative as a foundation to all other areas of science. Chemistry explains atomic and molecular structure; the relationship that atomic and molecular structures have with the real world; the forces that govern the construction (or synthesis), behavior (or physical properties), and quantitative measure of chemicals. Applications of chemistry are found everywhere. Some careers that have broad applications in chemistry are chemical engineering, biology, pharmacy, pharmacology, medicine, veterinary, chiropractic, geology, psychology, criminology, business and industry, law, journalism, laboratory technician, medical technician, and art.

Colleges and universities require that a student working toward a baccalaureate degree complete certain general education requirements in addition to courses required in the major area of study. With judicious planning, a student should be able to complete the general education requirements of the Montana University System and earn an Associate of Science (AS) degree by following FVCC’s chemistry transfer program. Students interested in beginning their work at FVCC toward a degree or a major in chemistry should carefully consult the current catalog of the college or university to which they anticipate transferring in order to determine specific degree requirements. Montana State University – Bozeman offers bachelor degrees in chemistry and biochemistry with professional, and teaching options. Montana Tech of The University of Montana offers bachelor programs in chemistry and biochemistry. The University of  Montana – Missoula offers bachelor degrees in chemistry, biochemistry, biological chemistry, environmental chemistry and pharmacology. MSU and UM also offer graduate study programs leading to the MS and PhD degrees.

Program Requirements

Suggested course of study for a transfer to:
Biochemistry majors transferring to Montana State University – Bozeman

Biochemistry majors transferring to Montana Tech of The University of Montana

Chemistry majors transferring to The University of Montana – Missoula

Chemistry majors transferring to Montana State University – Bozeman



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