Biologists are employed in a wide variety of fields including: research, teaching, industry, governmental agencies, consulting firms in environmental work, health, and wildlife. Some positions are open to holders of the bachelor’s degree, but most opportunities exist at the master’s and doctoral levels of preparation. Most biologists need a broad background in the natural sciences, mathematics, and communication skills.

Students may prepare themselves for transfer for nearly any biology-related bachelor’s degree, and they should be aware of the options in Montana. The biology department at The University of Montana – Missoula offers the following options: Biology Education (see Education section in this catalog), Cellular and Molecular Biology, Ecology and Organismal Biology (listed as Botanical or Zoological Sciences in previous catalogs), Field Ecology, Ecology for Teacher Preparation in General Science (see Education section in this catalog), Human Biological Sciences, and Natural History. The Ecology and Organismal Biology and the Human Biological Sciences curriculums each have options of one or two years of Chemistry.

The biology department at Montana State University- Bozeman offers: Ecology and Evolution, Biomedical Sciences, Biology Teaching (see Education section in this catalog), and Fish and Wildlife Management (See Wildlife Biology section in this catalog.) The intent of this program is to generally prepare students for biology-related programs for Montana universities, including The University of Montana – Missoula, Montana Tech of The University of Montana and Montana State University – Bozeman, and most other four-year institutions.

Students should choose from among the recommended courses below with the close assistance of their advisor. Those with inadequate preparation to begin these courses can expect more than two years to ready themselves for transfer to the junior level. Close attention should be paid to specific program requirements at your desired four year college or university.

Program Requirements

Suggested course of study for a transfer to:
Montana State University – Bozeman
Montana Tech of The University of Montana
The University of Montana – Missoula


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