Pharmacy Technology Certificate

Pharmacy technicians assist and support pharmacists in providing health care and medications to patients. Pharmacy technicians often perform many of the same duties as the pharmacist. The Pharmacy Technology program is offered fall semester only. Upon completion of this program, students will:

  • Demonstrate the pharmacy technician’s scope of practice.
  • Demonstrate the following:
    1. Accurate application of the five rights of pharmaceutical care: linking the right patient with the right prescriber with the right drug with the right directions, the right dose, and the right formulation;
    2. Professional interactions with the public, both face-to-face and via the phone;
    3. Appropriate and accurate calculations within a pharmacy setting;
    4. An understanding of quality control;
    5. An understanding of applicable state and federal laws;
    6. A knowledge of the top brand/generic drug names;
    7. Proper unit dose packaging;
    8. A knowledge of aseptic technique; and
    9. An understanding of the role of a technician inboth hospital and community workplaces.
  • Explain the correct protocol in the ordering, receiving, and documenting of drugs.
  • Manage inventory control.
  • Compare and contrast hospital and community pharmacy settings.
  • Understand patient privacy expectations.

Program Requirements

See the Academic Catalog.


Adam Wenz (Fall Semester)
RH 106
(406) 756-3616

Dr. Janice Alexander (Spring Semester)
RH 107
(406) 756-3948


For general information, contact the Admissions office: (406) 756-3847.
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