Course Requirements

Course Requirements:

  • Proof of completion of required immunizations
  • Successful completion of a background check from an approved vendor along with signature of nursing office staff
  • Must be 18 years of age by the end of the course
  • Ability to lift 25 pounds
  • Payment of 1/2 tuition and fees at the time of registration
  • Attendance in all classes
  • Free of active tuberculosis as proven by either a negative TB test or chest x-ray prior to first day of class
  • Evidence of the following immunizations:
    • MMR ( measles, mumps and rubella)
    • Varicella (chickenpox) or proof of immunization or titer or documentation of disease by health care provider
    • Hepatitis B (at least first HepB dose of vaccination to show series in progress); If series of vaccinations has been completed, a hepatitis titer is required.
    • Tdap (tetanus/pertussis) – whooping cough; only one adult dose needed
    • Copies of immunization records from schools are acceptable; if an individual does not have these immunizations, he/she may receive them at the Flathead City-County Health Department; it also is possible to prove immunity by having a blood sample taken and laboratory testing completed.

Supplies and Expenses:

In addition to the FVCC tuition and institutional fees, each CNA student will pay a one-time lab fee of $110.

Other supplies include:

  • Required textbook and an additional study guide may be required by individual instructor;
  • Normal classroom supplies such as notebook and pen as desired by student and instructor;
  • Pocket-sized note pad;
  • 1 or 2 uniforms-scrub top and pant;
  • Well supporting, closed heel and toe shoes (white or mostly white); and
  • Watch with a sweep second hand (digital watches not acceptable).

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Last modified: August 21, 2012