Medical Assistant

Medical Assistants are multi-skilled practitioners who perform a wide range of roles in physicians’ offices and other health care settings. They are proficient in a multitude of administrative, clerical and clinical tasks and are widely viewed by doctors as vital partners in the medical office. Medical Assistant graduates will use modern technology to:

  • Perform clerical functions;
  • Perform bookkeeping functions;
  • Process insurance claims;
  • Perform fundamental clinical procedures such as handwashing, sterilization and Universal Precautions;
  • Perform specimen collection;
  • Perform routine diagnostic testing;
  • Provide routine patient care as directed by a physician;
  • Communicate professionally and effectively;
  • Perform within legal and ethical boundaries;
  • Provide patient instruction as needed;
  • Perform routine office operational functions as needed; and
  • Demonstrate professionalism in a health care setting.

Program Requirements

See the Academic Catalog.


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BSS 108
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