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Most Montana four-year colleges and universities have teacher training programs in both elementary and secondary education. Elementary teachers are certified by the state to teach grades K-8 and secondary teachers can teach, in a major or minor, grades 5-12. The national job outlook for teachers for the next five to ten years is quite favorable due to projected high levels of retirement.

Students may begin their teacher training at FVCC in both elementary and secondary programs, and in most cases complete their education in an additional two years at a transfer institution. The University of Great Falls has an elementary education program and some secondary education teaching majors on the FVCC campus.

Admission into teacher education programs at four-year schools can be competitive and requires good grades and strong recommendations. Students need to apply to the school of education at their transfer school, usually the semester prior to starting at that school. If time permits, students may consider taking additional course work to fulfill concentration or endorsement requirements at their transfer institutions. Students should consult their advisors and their transfer institutions for specific recommendations.

Secondary Education Transfer Curricula

In Montana, those desiring to become secondary teachers (grades 5-12) must pursue a bachelor degree in a certifiable major, often with a minor, from a four-year college or university. Most four-year institutions in Montana offer secondary teaching degrees but offerings for majors and minors vary from school to school, so students must carefully select their courses. Secondary education students can complete two years of study at FVCC in most majors. There are a few courses, listed below, that all secondary education majors must typically take before entrance into a teacher education program their junior year. Additionally, by seeking an associate’s degree from FVCC, the general education core for all MUS colleges and universities will have been completed before transfer.

I. Required for most Secondary Education Majors

Course# Title Credits
EDU 201 Introduction to Education with Field Experience  3
EDU 270 Instructional Technology 3
HEE 233 Health Issues of Children and Adolescents 3
PSYX 100A Introduction to Psychology 4
PSYX 230A* Developmental Psychology 3

*Indicates prerequisite and/or corequisite needed. Check course description.

II. Major/Minor Requirements in a Certifiable Area

See transfer school catalog and consult with your advisor for specific course suggestions.  Suggested course outlines are shown below for common secondary teaching majors.

III. For elementary and secondary education

The University of Great Falls offers the following education courses at FVCC on a two-year rotation:

Course# Title Credits
EDU 260 Multicultural Education 2
EDU 284 Cognitive Psychology Applied to Learning 4
EDU 315 Assessment of Learning 3
EDU 338 Teaching Reading in the Content Area 2
EDU 430 Secondary Teaching Procedures 3
EDU 462 Pre-professional Integrative Experience (Elementary School) 2
EDU 472 Pre-professional Integrative Experience (Middle School) 2
EDU 482 Pre-professional Integrative Experience (High School) 2
EDU 489 Elementary/Secondary Education Internship Seminar 2
EDU 490 Secondary Internship 10


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