When it comes to the academic experience FVCC offers, the sky’s the limit. And in the Big Sky State, our sky is limitless.

We are proud to provide outstanding learning experiences comprised of a comprehensive blend of top-notch programs, leadership opportunities, enriching and fun activities, excellent resources and support services, and hands-on learning opportunities that are second to none.

Our faculty are always striving to provide their students with innovative learning opportunities. Physics Instructor Jim Boger brought Montana’s first All-Sky Camera to FVCC to track meteoric events in the skies of Northwest Montana for the National Nuclear Security Administration. Culinary Arts Instructor Chef Howard Karp founded FVCC’s Chef’s Table, an internship program that provides first-year culinary arts students the opportunity to showcase their skills on Friday evenings to the community. And Psychology Instructor Ivan Lorentzen and Political Science Instructor Jeremy Fritz were instrumental in gathering FVCC Scholars to participate in a national deficit project that supplied input to the national super committee charged with reaching a deal on national deficit reduction.

In the end, our students achieve the skills, knowledge and confidence that employers, as well as four-year colleges and universities, are looking for.

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Last modified: June 30, 2015