Strategic Plan

Flathead Valley Community College is committed to providing excellence in teaching and learning opportunities.  FVCC’s strategic initiatives and institutional goals help define the college-wide strategic plan.

Our Strategic Initiatives

At FVCC, we will:

  • Add value to students’ lives.
  • Provide meaningful learning experiences.
  • Excel as a preferred community resource and regional resource.
  • Increase resources to support continuous growth and improvement.
  • Foster a climate that enhances the well-being and productivity of college employees.
  • Continue to serve as an accountable steward of public funds and trust.
  • Maintain facilities and infrastructure to meet changing community needs.

Our Institutional Goals

Goal 1:
We will provide educational programs and courses that prepare our students for transfer to other post-secondary institutions, for the workforce and for citizenship.

Goal 2:
We will increase lifelong learning opportunities for our students and our community.

Goal 3:
We will be responsive to the community’s economic and workforce training needs.

Goal 4:
We will promote programs and activities that enhance the cultural and social well-being of our students and communities.

Goal 5:
FVCC will foster a positive learning and working environment and provide support services for student success.


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Last modified: September 25, 2015