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If you are enrolled in the new MUS Wellness Incentive Program, have earned your 200 (Scout) points AND attended the Spring 2014 WellCheck event, your Fitbit One will be available soon!  Below are some Frequently Asked Questions regarding this program: 

Q:  When can I get my Fitbit?

A:  Beginning Tuesday, Sept. 2nd, qualified participants may pick up their Fitbit One from the Human Resources office.

Q:  How will I know if I am qualified?

A:  Participants who have enrolled in the program, earned 200 MUS Wellness points and reached the Scout level will receive the Fitbit One.  They will be notified via email of this award.

Q:  Where can I pick up my Fitbit?

A:  You may pick up your Fitbit in the Human Resources office.  You will be required to pick it up in person and provide a signature to receive your Fitbit.

Q:  How will Human Resources know if I qualified?

A:  MUS Wellness will provide a list of who has earned their points and a Fitbit to Human Resources. This list will be updated by MUS Wellness on a bi-weekly basis and HR will not be able to release a Fitbit until this notice has been received.

Q:  What if I don’t work on the Kalispell Campus?

A:  Please contact Kelsey Hartzheim at kelsey.hartzheim@montana.edu and you will be provided alternative instructions.

Q:  What is the Wellness Incentive Program?

A:   If you haven’t signed up for the Wellness Incentive Program yet, visit www.wellness.mus.edu/Incentive_Program.asp for further information.

Q:  Who is eligible to earn a Fitbit?

A:  This program is available to MUS insured employees and retirees only.

Q:  What the heck is a Fitbit?

A:  Fitbit is a device that tracks your activity, weight, sleep and food to provide a complete view of your health and fitness.

Q:  Who do I contact with questions?
A:   Contact Kelsey Hartzheim at: kelsey.hartzheim@montana.edu

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Last modified: August 28, 2014